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Natural Resource Management

Terri Lea

Natural Resources Management

Distance Learning Lesson Plans

Starting Week of 04/06/2020


All students in Agriculture Education Courses should sign up on to access the online resources for their class.


How to sign up:

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    After entering the registration code, fill in your information and choose a username and password.

     Click "Submit".

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    Week 1 – Choose Tree Id

  • Watch video and answer worksheet or make flash cards from the worksheet with answers if you are not completing online.
  • Study Vocabulary
  • Make flash cards of the Vocabulary or complete the interactive assessment

Week 2 – Choose Dendrology

  • Watch Video and answer interactive worksheets OR read powerpoint printout and answer student notes worksheet
  • Make flash cards of the vocabulary & Study

    Week 3

  • Complete Dendrology Word Search
  • Complete the How Old is this Tree Worksheet

    Week 4

  • Collect 10 different tree leaves from around your home.
    • Make notes of the following:
      • Size of tree & what the bark looks like – color, texture and any other descriptive characteristics

        Week 5

  • Use notes from Dendrology and Tree ID along with any other available resources to identify the trees.
  • Make a poster/Presentation with the leaves with name of the trees and your notes about them.

Week 6

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused our society to make many changes in our lifestyles. Write an one page essay with your opinion of how these changes have affected the environment.


Week 7

  • Take a walk outside and find 10 things you appreciate about the environment.


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