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MarySelle Lea

Maryselle Lea
Executive Vice President 

"Do what you can, With what you have, Where you are" -Theodore Roosevelt


SAE: I have a diversified agriculture SAE. I currently raise registered Dorsets to exhibit and sell. Two of the lambs I raised were named Grand Champion Ewe and Ram at the Tennessee State Fair this fall.  I have also raised Shropshires, Dorset advantage commercial ewes, and crossbred market lambs.

I raise breeding gilts and Market Hogs that I exhibit across Tennessee and Mississippi. My sister and I have had our market hogs processed at a USDA processor and sold our processed pork.

Poultry production is a small aspect of my SAE that I am working to improve and expand. I have four chicks I recently purchased. I plan to purchase more every couple of months. 

My home is located on the former Goforth's Orchard. I am responsible for the remaining fruit and nut trees.

Through Cardinal Farms, a school farm, I have assisted in raising and selling Sweet Corn, field corn, Indian corn watermelons, cantaloupe and various vegetables as well as marketing and selling plants from our greenhouse. 

Our pumpkin patch has been a source of pride for me since I have been involved in all aspects of it since it began in 2011 well before I started high school. I have been part of the planting, chopping, checking for bugs, picking, washing, marketing and selling pumpkins over the years. 

Agriculture education is the part of my SAE that allows me to share my love of agriculture with others through our summer camps and field trips to the pumpkin patch. 
Favorite CDE: My favorite CDE is Parliamentary Procedure because o believe that every member and officer should have a basic knowledge on how to run a proper meeting 

Ag Sales, Dairy Judging, Livestock Judging, Parli Pro, Novice Parli, Ceremonies CDE, Creed, Prepared, Job Interview, Floriculture, Poultry, Ag Marketing, Quiz and Lower Skills



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