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Distance Learning 
Starting Week of 
April 6th



WEEK starting April 6th


Week 1 – Create a Comic strip/Cartoon drawing of a typical day since you have been out of school.

Week 2 - Go outside and find some type of natural item such as a rock or stick. Use any supplies you have at home to create something out of the natural item.

Week 3 – Draw/Paint your favorite item in your room.

Week 4 – Find an item in your home that is no longer needed/used it can a soup can, coke can, old book…anything that can be recycled. Create a new purpose for this item and decorate it.

Week 5 – Find something in your home or outside your home that makes you smile. Take a picture/draw/paint this thing then write a short explanation about why it makes you smile.

Week 6 – Natural Color Activity – draw a simple drawing on white paper then go outside and find items such as a leaf, a flower, dirt…anything in nature and use these items to color your picture.

Week 7 – Redo your favorite activity in art from this school year and evaluate your progress.


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